Recent Technology Innovation Meeting

Recaps from recent Technology Innovation Committee meetings

November 30, 2018 Conference Call

The Technology Innovation Committee's inaugural meeting held its first conference call and welcome representatives from 11 firms, including business, operations, technology, legal, and compliance professionals. After introductions, members discussed the structure and goals of the Committee. Members described how their firms are tackling technology and identified key issues from both the technology and legal/regulatory perspectives. They also identified several topics that could benefit from Committee exploration. The Committee addressed the following topics:
  • Emerging Technologies. Members briefly discussed their work on blockchain, quantum computing supremacy, digital assets (including custody), artificial intelligence and machine learning, voice and biometric recognition, cloud computing, and big data.
  • Meetings with Regulators -- Operational. The Committee discussed setting up meetings of operations/technology personnel with SEC and other agency personnel that deal with developing technologies and data analytics to begin a discussion of how the investment adviser industry is using new technologies and related issues.
  • Meetings with Regulators --- Legal and Regulatory. The Committee discussed holding separated meetings with regulators to address emerging legal and regulatory issues related to developing technologies, including privacy, data security, and electronic or other methods of delivery.
  • Committee Meetings. The Committee approved of having an annual in-person meeting as well as Committee calls that would alternate focusing primarily on the operational aspecys of technology (including occasional guest speakers) and the legal/regulatory aspects.