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The Investment Adviser Association (IAA) is the leading industry organization dedicated to serving the interests of investment advisory professionals and their firms. The IAA supports members with a full range of advocacy, compliance and educational resources. More than 600 firms currently are members of the IAA. These firms collectively manage $16 trillion in assets for a variety of individual and institutional clients.

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Member Types

The IAA has two categories of members:

  • Members – For SEC-registered investment advisory firms

  • Associate Members – For persons or entities focused on the interests of SEC-registered investment advisers

Membership Criteria

Only SEC-registered investment adviser firms are eligible to join the IAA as a member with full access to IAA member benefits and resources.

  • Current SEC registration as an investment adviser
  • A minimum of one year in business as an investment adviser
  • A minimum of $25 million in regulatory assets under management
  • Endorsement of the IAA's Standards of Practice

Member Benefits

Membership applies to the entire firm, which means that any employee designated by a firm can access IAA’s member resources.

  • IAA Legal Team – discuss specific issues with the IAA’s staff
  • Advocacy Resources – educate legislators and policy makers about issues
  • Legal and Compliance Resources – stay current with ever changing regulations
  • Online Forums and Networking Events – exchange ideas with peers
  • IAA Newsletter – keep informed about issues of special interest to advisers
  • Member Alerts – receive breaking news and information
  • Committees and Working Groups – get involved with the IAA and its members
  • Industry Reports and Surveys – benchmark your firm with others
  • Leadership Conference – attended by industry executives from across the country
  • Compliance Workshops – local, one-day events address hot topics
  • Compliance Conference – featuring more than 50 industry experts
  • Webinars – convenient and informative sessions that focus on specific issues
  • Professional Training – enhance your knowledge and expertise
  • Get more detail about IAA's member resources and benefits

Dues Schedule

IAA annual member dues are based on a firm’s Regulatory Assets Under Management as reported on Form ADV. Dues are assessed and payable at the beginning of each calendar year. For a new member firm, annual dues are prorated by month in the first calendar year. The firm can designate as many employees as it desires to receive membership benefits.

Regulatory Assets Under Management Annual Dues
Less than $500 million $2,925  
$500 million < $750 million $3,175  
$750 million < $1 billion $3,325  
$1 billion < $1.5 billion $3,500  
$1.5 billion < $2 billion $4,000  
$2 billion < $2.5 billion $4,250  
$2.5 billion < $3 billion $4,750  
$3 billion < $5 billion $6,400  
$5 billion < $7.5 billion $7,950  
$7.5 billion < $10 billion $8,975  
$10 billion < $15 billion $12,000  
$15 billion < $20 billion $12,250  
$20 billion < $25 billion $15,750  
$25 billion < $50 billion $16,150  
$50 billion < $100 billion $19,250  
$100 billion or more $22,250  

How to Join

SEC-registered investment advisers should complete the member application and submit it to the IAA:

Email: iaaservices@investmentadviser.org
Fax:   (202) 293-4223
Mail:  Investment Adviser Association
         1050 17th Street, NW, Suite 725
         Washington, DC 20036-5514

Not an SEC-registered investment adviser? Learn about the IAA's Associate Member program.

Membership Questions?

Contact Herb Perone, IAA VP, Communications and Marketing, with any questions about joining the IAA.

Email: herb.perone@investmentadviser.org
Call:    (202) 293-4222


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