Succession Planning and Management Transition Critical Undervalued and Rarely Done Well

2010 Webinar - Succession Planning and Management Transition: Critical, Undervalued and Rarely Done Well!

Succession Planning and Management Transition: Critical Undervalued, and Rarely Done Well!
June 2, 1:00 pm – 2:15pm ET

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Succession planning and management transition are enormously important challenges for all investment management firms.  By failing to address these critical elements, investment managers jeopardize the well-being of their clients and the future of businesses they have spent years developing. 

This webinar will provide a dialogue among principals of firms that have confronted these challenges and will examine issues that investment management firms should consider:


·             Why do the vast majority of investment managers fail to tackle this challenge on a timely basis, if ever?

·             Succession planning is not selling the firm!  Selling a firm may amount to punting on the challenge – and creating capital value for some or solving estate planning challenges may do little or nothing for management transition.

·             How does nepotism enhance the challenge, and how can families handle it well?

·             Why is functional leadership throughout the firm becoming more important?

·             How do the best management committees operate?

·             What are the best practices for internal buy/sell agreements?

o          Valuation

o          Terms

o          Franchise protections

·             How are clients and intermediaries acting on or reacting to this subject matter?



Please join Chas Burkhart, Frank Sands Sr., Gordon Marchand, and Rich Carriuolo for a 75-minute webinar on these and related issues.



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