Aging Clients and the Investment Advisory Practice Benchmarking Best Practices


Webinar - Aging Clients and the Investment Advisory Practice: Benchmarking Best Practices

Wednesday, January 27, 2016
2:00 - 3:15 p.m. (ET)

Topics Covered

This webinar will examine the aging of the investor base and its implications for investment advisory practices while benchmarking how investment advisers are responding to the resulting challenges. Our experts will provide an overview of:

  • The cognitive and behavioral changes that often accompany aging and that may affect elders’ ability to manage their financial affairs
  • The legal and regulatory environment for investment advisers working with elders and how it is changing
  • Emerging best practices for investment advisory firms and their interactions with aging clients

Through audience polling questions, this webinar will provide benchmarking on current practices for working with aging clients. Polling questions will be available in advance.

To increase the value of the benchmarking at this event, attendees are encouraged to review the polling questions (listed below) before the webinar and come prepared to respond.



  • Emily Saltz, LICSW, CMC, Founder and CEO, LifeCare Advocates
  • Michelle Jacko, Managing Partner and CEO, Jacko Law Group, PC
  • Ronald C. Long, Director of Regulatory Affairs and Elder Client Initiatives, Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
  • Neil Simon, Vice President for Government Relations, Investment Adviser Association (moderator)


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About the Presenters

Download to see image Michelle L. Jacko is the Managing Partner and CEO of Jacko Law Group, PC, which offers securities and corporate legal services to broker-dealers, investment advisers, hedge/private funds and financial professionals. Previously, Ms. Jacko served as Of Counsel at Shustak & Partners, PC. Among other previous roles, she was VP of Compliance and Branch Manager of the Home Office Supervision team at LPL Financial Services. Ms. Jacko received her J.D. from St. Mary's University School of Law and B.A. from the University of San Diego.

Emily Saltz, LICSW, CMC, is Founder and CEO of LifeCare Advocates, which provides an integrated model of aging life care services to meet the legal, financial and care planning needs of elders. She has over 25 years of experience as a geriatric social worker. Ms.Saltz serves on a number of boards, including the Massachusetts Guardianship Association (MGA), Northnode, Inc, and the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA). She received her MSW from Boston University, and the Louis Lowy Gerontological Certificate from Boston University.
Download to see image Ronald C. Long is the Director of Regulatory Affairs and Elder Client Initiatives for Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC. Prior to joining Wells Fargo, Ron was District Administrator of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Philadelphia District Office and worked as a Counselor to Chairman Arthur Levitt.
Download to see image Neil Simon (moderator) is Vice President for Government Relations at the Investment Adviser Association. He has a leading role in the formulation and communication of IAA’s views on legislative and regulatory issues important to the investment advisory profession. Before joining the IAA, he was Director of Government Relations for the Financial Planning Association. From 1998 to 2003, he served as executive director of the National Franchise Council. Mr. Simon received his B.A. magna cum laude in government and international relations from Clark University. He received his J.D. from Georgetown University.

Paid Registration Cancellation or Substitution

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Polling Questions

Prior to the webinar, please review these seven polling questions and come prepared to respond.

Q1. What are your firm’s assets under management?

  • Under $1 billion
  • $1 billion to $2 billion
  • $2 billion to $5 billion
  • $5 billion to $10 billion
  • Over $10 billion

Q2. Have you worked with a client with cognitive deficits or behavioral challenges as a result of aging?

  • Never
  • Once or twice
  • A few times
  • Often
  • Constantly

Q.3. Have you had a client who you knew or suspected to be the subject of elder abuse?

  • Never
  • Once or twice
  • A few times
  • Often
  • Constantly

Q.4. Does your firm have a written policy for escalating issues and taking next steps in instances of suspected diminished capacity or elder abuse?

  • Yes, we have a written policy
  • No, but we plan to have a written policy within 6 months
  • No, but we have an informal policy
  • No

Q.5. Does your firm require training on senior-specific issues, including how to recognize diminished capacity or elder abuse?

  • Yes, my firm has a required in-house training program
  • Yes, my firm has a requirement for third party training
  • No, but my firm encourages and pays for training
  • No

Q.6. Does your firm ask for and track information regarding alternate contacts for clients, whether emergency contacts or individuals who have power of attorney over the account?

  • Yes, we regularly update client records for both emergency contacts and powers of attorney
  • Yes, but we update records for powers of attorney only
  • No, we update records upon client request only

Q.7. Do you document conversations with clients?

  • Yes, we routinely document all substantive conversations with clients, and we send a copy of the documentation to the client
  • Yes, we document all substantive conversations for our records
  • No, we document conversations only when we have concerns about cognitive impairment
  • No